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About Us

Gilhooligan's Bar and Grill

Gilhooligan's Bar and Grill Is located on 10810 NE Sandy Blvd Portland Oregon. The restaurant/ bar area is approximately 3300 square feet with 127 dining chairs and 35 soft seating (couches and loungers). The open game room has a giant sized jenga game surrounded by comfortable leather couches. two pool tables, a ping pong table, foos ball table, pinball machines, golden tee golf, buckhunter, mrs. pacman, galaga, several board games, and large screen T.V.'s  everywhere you look. The stage and dance floor are both available for your reception or party and comes complete with sound-system for announcements or DJ.  For smaller groups we have a 500 sq ft VIP room with leather furniture, large screen TV, table and chairs and a fireplace for setting the mood.  We Have a variety of entertainment planned weekly and are always looking for new and exciting events to entertain the masses. Karaoke, Live Music, Comedy, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, you name it, we are doing it. Stop in and see us and let us show you how we can add fun and excitement to your next event!

Why did we choose Parkrose for our latest venture?

It all began as an honest quest for the perfect all American burger. Little did we know that simple quest would lead us down a path littered with sorry excuses and tired renditions of America's most popular meal. Patties so thin you could see through, patties that were clearly not beef, patties that I would later tell my wife could glow in the dark! That is what we found on our very simple little quest. Tired of the same old fast food options and disappointed with "gourmet"  burger joints that seemed to pop up over night, Brett decided to make his own signature burger. An all American Burger that you could really sink your teeth in! And he promised to make it not only delicious, but an experience to remember!.   

After experimenting with a blend of different ground beef, More bun variations than I care to remember and every form of produce under the sun, Brett was finally satisfied with what he simply calls "The 50/50". This equal blend of Piedmontese organic beef and house smoked ground bacon weighs in at a mouthwatering  1/3 lb. Dressed with only the freshest local produce, a dab of his coveted (and well protected) burger sauce, served on a toasted Portland pub bun make this all American burger, true to his word, an experience to remember! Yeah, we have vegetarian options and stuff for the gluten free folks, but the real magic lies with the 50/50.   

Brett has been creating savory works of art long before we opened Gilhooligan's in 2016. After years of bartending, he became a bar owner in 2005 when we acquired Gil's Speakeasy on 7th and Taylor. The "Speak", as it's known, is a small, cozy dive bar located in Portland's lower east side.  It is often filled with friends and family, some say that if you don't know about the Speak, you don't belong. Almost 10 years later, we of Gil's expanded by reviving the critically wounded music venue 'The Twilight Cafe and Bar' located on 14th and Powell and in just over 2 years have restored the small venue feel by re-establishing it as a desired venue for local and touring musicians as well as creating a very comfortable and personal listening experience for the music lover in us all. Now, with the opening of Glhooligan's Bar and Grill, we have chosen the hardworking community of Parkrose to share our newest concept. We already know combining great food and amazing local music results in an awesome destination spot for many Portlanders, but we wanted to add the element of  family to our recipe. We Both have children and Gilhooligan's is the perfect venue to share our legacy with not only our kids but also the youth of the community. Together we can create an unstoppable momentum that we believe will help  rebuild and strengthen this great community. We hope you will all join us on this crazy adventure. Come say hi, the grill is on and we are always cooking!

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