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Gilhooligan's Charity Challenge

Gilhooligan's accepts the challenge!

Gilhooligan's Bar and Grill is committed to being a valued asset to this community. We are steadfast in our efforts to help those that need help, guide those that need guidance, and support those that need support. Upon joining this community in April of 2016, we immediately began looking for groups, individuals, and organizations that were having a  positive  influence on the people and businesses around us. We wasted no time in getting involved, Helping raise almost 6,000 cans of food for a local food bank. We quickly began to see what was needed to affect the most change that would someday restore this amazing neighborhood. After vetting out several local non-profits, we We made a Year-long Financial commitment  to a local 501(c)3 charitable organization that was actually doing what we saw needed to be done. Reaching out to our neighbors at their darkest time and offering a helping hand. The Paying It Forward Store  (www.PayingItForwardStore.org)  Stocks a retail store once a month (twice if possible) with clothes, food, pet supplies, basic hygiene necessities, school supplies, toys for the kids, and bottled water just to name a few of the items they collect. then they  invite anyone in the community with an immediate need to come and shop their store absolutely free. No crazy forms, no judgement, no money. The recipients of this organization leave that store with a small bag of life's essentials that most of us take for granted, and they also leave with a regained sense of humanity, Knowing now that someone does care, someone is willing to help. They leave that store believing once again that they are part of the bigger picture and as soon as they get back on their feet the sooner they can turn around and help those behind them. And somewhere in that store, they found their dignity that somehow got lost when the chips were down and their options seemed few. This little  non-profit doesn't only put shoes on their feet or food in their cupboard, they also put love in their heart and  determination in their soul. You may ask:  How do they do all that with just a bag of clothes and  a few cans of food? When I saw it, I asked myself the the same thing, then I realized it is not the food or the clothes that that these folks are really in need of. Don't get me wrong, they really, really need the food and clothes, but what they need even more is validation. When everyone and everything around them seems to be working against them. Here is this little store saying "hey, come here, come get what you need. You can do this. I believe in you."  

Please Join us in supporting this amazing little organization. You can do so by attending one of the fundraiser events we will be holding for them over the next several months, you can contact them directly to volunteer or make a cash donation on their website or you can do all of the above! lol! Stay tuned to this page for information on events and activities benefiting PIFS and other local Charities in this community. If you are part of a worthwhile local charity or non-profit organization and in need of support, Contact Us. We would love to get involved!