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Upcoming Community outreach Plans

  • Gilhooligan's  Neighborhod Litter Patrol  Feb 2017

                Gilhooligans is organizing a weekly litter/neighborhood patrol for the two miles directly surrounding the restaurant, we will need several volunteers to man the patrol each week and are looking for a few business partners to help foot the cost of supplies. Contact Aaron @ (503) 477-6484 if you'd like to Volunteer or contribute.

  • Monday night Neighborhood town hall to stay informed

                 Crime is on the rise! We need a better system to stay informed and communicate with one another and local law enforcement. Gilhooligan's is planning to host a weekly town hall style gathering at the restaurant, a neutral, judgement free zone for concerned citizens and local law enforcement to build and nurture a safe and effective dialogue to identify potential neighborhood threats and minimize potential property damage, Graffiti, and or other negative elements introduced into the neighborhood. If you would be interested in attending, moderating, organizing or supporting this concept, please contact Aaron at Gilhooligan's (503) 477-6484

Gilhooligans Has Teamed up With Paying It Forward Store (Payingitforwardstore.com), a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization committed to helping those in need in our own backyard!  We will be holding Fundraisers, Awareness campaigns and a variety fun and exciting events throughout the year to help these folks do the best job possible and help as many people in our community that are in need. Please join us, I gaurantee you will  feel good helping out our neighbors and we'll have a lot of fun along the way! Or if you are the kind of person that prefers to write a check to keep your neighborhood happy and healthy, click on the donate button below and fund a great new program or two!