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Coupons and Promos

Join our $8.88/month Scholarship support club and get a bunch of free stuff! Your $8.88 will help support Gilhooligans community outreach programs, Like our Scholarship program that offers high school seniors as well as second chance community members an opportunity to go to school they otherwise would not have.In addition to the great feeling you will get from helping out your fellow community members, you will also get well over your monthly investment back in Gilhooligan Cash and freebies. For example:

- Free T-shirt at sign up

- $20 gift card for $8.88 (1 per month per member. available EVERY MONTH!)

- $30 in "free" vouchers every month (ie.$5 gift cards, Free appetizer punchcards,Gilhooligans cash, Dinner for two and a show giftcard, etc)

- includes membership to the EightDotEightyEight.com charity program that rewards people for charitable contributions. Local businesses offer incredible discounts on their products and services as a Thank you for contributing to the betterment of our community.. 

 -You must provide a valid email address at time of enrollment. All offers and coupons will be delivered via email. 

-Sign up now, you'll be glad you did! If you don't like it,You can cancel any time. 

$8.88 /mo

Over $30 in Gilhooligan cash every month! for  your  $8.88/mo. donation to the Gilhooligan's scholarship Fund!