$15 donation each Month

Become a Parkrose Trash Killing Rockstar!

Items always needed

  1. Large Durable (Contracter grade) trash bags
  2. Work gloves, all sizes
  3. Orange or Green reflective safety vests
  4. Warm Layered clothing (stocking caps, thermal vests, scarves, etc.)
  5. Quality Heavy Duty Flashlights
  6. ​Size C Batteries
  7. 24lb cardstock printing paper  8 1/2 X 11
  8. 4 X 6 laminating pouches
  9. Refreshments and snacks for our Volunteers

Your Cash donations provide the essentials we need to keep our neighborhood clean!

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 Every Monday Noon-7pm

Volunteers meet at Gilhooligan's Bar and Grill every Monday at 1pm & 4pm

Parkrose Litter Patrol

A Community betterment program brought forth through a collaboration of efforts from;

 Gilhooligan's Bar & Grill, Paying It Forward Store, Historic Parkrose, Parkrose Business Association, and Parkrose Hardware

            Volunteer Registry

        Announcement: Launch of the Parkrose Litter Patrol

Gilhooligan's Bar and Grill  has partnered with Paying it Forward Store (501c3 non-profit), Historic Parkrose, Parkrose Business Association and Parkrose Hardware to form a volunteer driven litter patrol program to routinely monitor and clean up high traffic, problematic areas in our neighborhood. We believe, by increasing progress-minded foot patrols coupled with an earnest desire for curbside appeal via trash and debris removal, We can peel away the ugly scars that make these areas desireable "blind spots" for the corrupt and criminal element.
We have identified the area within the following streets as our target area. From north to south the boundaries are 102nd st. to 122nd street. East to west the boundaries are Airport way and Prescott.
Beginning Monday January 9, 2017 and most every Monday thereafter, we will dispatch Teams (a team is 2 or more people) of volunteers from Gilhooligans Bar and Grill between the hours of noon and 7pm. Volunteers will be easily identified in their safety Orange or Green reflective vests, work gloves, and giant trash bags in tow. Additionally, each volunteer team will have a quality flashlight, Back up trash bags, weatherproof (laminated) information cards listing our areas emergency service providers with detailed contact instructions, and a cell phone. At no time are our volunteers to engage in behavior or actions contradictory to those of a good Neighbor. at the end of the patrol, The volunteers will return to Gilhooligans, Place the collected trash in the dumpster outside and any recyclables in the appropriiate bin(s), After stowing their gear for the next group of volunterers, they are invited to partake in refreshments and snacks provided by the restaurant.
Do you want to get involved?
-Join us on a patrol!
- Be a supporter, If you see our volunteers, say Hi, shake their hands and let them know how they are doing!
-If you would like to contribute to the cause, we are forever in need of volunteers. Go to www. Gilhooligans.com/litterpatrol and sign up to be a volunteer! Someone will get in touch with you and get you all sorted!
-Be a supply master! We will always be in need of large durable trash bags, Work gloves of all sizes, Bright colored Safety vests, Warm layered clothing for the winter, snacks and refreshments for our Volunteers, Card stock printing paper and lamination supplies for the handouts.
Supplies and donations can be dropped off at Gilhooligans Bar and Grill 7 days a week anytime after 11am. Please Mark your donation "Parkrose Litter Patrol."
-Cash donations! Cash is king! and with a little rolling around here and there we could really see some progress. Cash would be used exclusively for the things that are hard to get donated i.e.; Batteries for flashlights, trash dumping fees, fuel, etc.If you would like to make a cash contribution, go to www.gilhooligans.com/litterpatrol and you will see the paypal button to make a cash contribution.
We can never have too much of the bare necessities so keep your eye out for the things we use most whenever you come across a good clearance sale, or a garage sale etc.
Thank you all for your overwhelming support and encouragement regarding this project. Your continued support and attention is incredibly important for this program to be successful long term. Please look for Litter Patrol updates on The Gilhooligans Facebook page, or the Gilhooligans website www.Gilhooligans.com/litterpatrol and get involved in the conversation. Let us know what you see. Your input is as unique and valueable as you are! Together we can change the world! One dirty creepy street at a time!. Lets do this!