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Live Music! 

Musicians and Guests, Please read this as it is important for us all to work together to keep the music alive! Gilhooligan's Management and staff, are committed to offering the best local Entertainment  and equally committed to do so without raising prices, charge crazy door fees or go bankrupt  ensureing the musicians get paid a fair wage. We have adopted the "fee by donation" method of monetizing live performances.  We ask each patron coming into the facility for a "direct to musician" monitory donation. This is a low pressure ask so a no is accepted as well as a fist fill of change, or benjamins or ? But if they offer $5 for their donation, Gilhooligans will give them a $5 gift cart for a future visit. This is a win /win proposition. The musicians earn a decent wage for their performance, the Customer gets their money back immediately in the form of a gift card, and The Bar gets another chance to serve that customer when they redeem their gift card and hopefully make them a repeat customer! So  please, Realize that we are asking you (the patron) to participate in compensating the nights entertainment instead of imposing crazy door fees or outrageous price hikes. When you come in, dig deep and show your support for these awesome local Musicians and if they have swag to sell, well, nobody has ever died from buying too many T-shirts! Just sayin'.

 If you are "that guy"  that always leaves his wallet at home or didn't have time to hit the ATM on your way out,  don't worry we have a great ATM and the Musicians will be here all night. Plenty of time for you to go home and get your wallet. 

Musicians and guests please read:

Live Music at Gilhooligans!

Be sure to check our Calendar, Facebook "events" page and sign up for our monthly email newsletter to be sure you won't miss any upcoming shows or events!

Our live Music schedule changes from Month to Month, So be sure to check our event Calendar and facebook events page (Subscribe to it and get updates and event info) for new bookings. We have a handful of resident bands that are local favorites and we are fortunate enough to get them to play pretty regularly. Click on the bands below and go to their schedule page to see when they play next! 

Pre- Purchase your admission and meals (meal deals) on this website and 100% of your purchase price goes to the band the you've chosen.  You'll find the meal deals on each bands schedule page on this website. Once you hit the Buy it now button and you've completed your payment on-line, you will be given a Gift card receipt that is as good as cash on the night(s) your Musician is performing. We do not give cash back, so make sure to use the whole amount or save the balance for your next visit. Gilhooligan's management will also get a receipt showing that you have a credit. This receipt lives behind the bar awaiting your arrival. In the event you forgot your receipt, that's not a big problem, you will be asked to provide a valid I.D. to make sure it's you. and then you'll be all set! This "pay it forward" program is one way Gilhooligan's shows support for local musicians. Help us make the most out of this program, Buy your meal deals today! not only will you save a bit of money, But your musician will be very grateful!  

The Gary Ogan Band

The Beaver Boogie Band

The Groovebirds

Krooked Finger

Loose Change

​D.C. Malone