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Pick a square, any square! Perform the task within the square. when completed the Merchant will check off the task as completed.Complete enough tasks to form a line, 9 square box,a  picture frame or a blackout within the game "play time" and you could win Cash, trips and Prizes! In this Game a line gets the first 100 players a $25 giftcard to a local participating Merchant. A 9 Square box will pay 50 people $100 cash! a picture frame is worth $250 in cash and prizes and a blackout will shower some lucky players with $500 in cash and prizes! See details on back to register, play and start claiming  prizes!

Small Business Spotlight!

How it Works

Each game lasts one calendar Month. Local Businesses  (like you) Sponsor up to 4 different Squares on the gameboard Directing Customers to perform a fun, little task in,  around  or for your Business in order to claim the square for their BINGO quest. These tasks can educate, inform, market or introduce an aspect of your Business that you want your community to be aware of. Or they can just be a good little promotion to get some new customers through the door. Its completely up to you! Once they have performed the task to your satisfactiion, You check them off (unique stamp, sticker, signature, or ?).  When they have completed a line, X, Blackout, or whatever they were going for, they simply submit their completed Gameboard online for verification and prizes!  As a sponsor, you will receive customer info for every customer that performed one of your tasks to complete their Bingo Gameboard. This is very valuable information that can be used for future marketing, and promotions for your business. New Gameboards are available at the first of each Month online,  printed in local publications, direct mailed to target audiences, and made available to all participating retail locations. We have several levels of Sponsorship available, truly something to fit every budget! Contact us for more info and lets get a game going in your neighborhood!

How to Play

   Local Business


Local Business Bingo!

Win Gift Cards from your Favorite Retailers! Play now!


-Increase foot traffic

-Target your marketing efforts

-Attract a broader customer base

-Reward customers for shopping local

-Strengthen your Community presence

-Network with other, local small Businesses

-Maximize your advertising dollars

-Get instant, Measurable feedback

Are You looking for A low cost, high yield, local advertising option for your Small Business? Check us out, we may have just what you are looking for!