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 Members Only 

Gilhooligans Members Only

  • Are you a regular Customer of Gilhooligan's?
  • Do you spend on average $40 or more a month at Gilhooligan's?
  • Do you Like to Save Money?
  • Do you Value loyalty?
  • Do you like to be rewarded for your Loyalty?

If you answered Yes to these Questions, Continue reading, if you answered no to any of these questions, this program is not for you. 

How would you like to enjoy the same experiences but pay a lot less?  How about 50% less or more?

Gilhooligan's has a members only reward program that rewards the loyalty and discipline of customers like you. The Program is referred to as "Members Only" and costs  $24.95 per month.  This program is so beneficial to the end user, that it has very strict guidelines. Once enrolled, you cannot be kicked off the program unless you violate one of the following rules, However  you may cancel your member-ship at any time for any reason.

Your membership will be cancelled if you violate any of the following and you will not be able to re-join the program at any time in the future:

  • Miss a payment for any reason.
  • Share the terms of this membership blatently and with malice.
  • Get 86'd or asked to no longer patronize the establishment.
  • Use Member Only perks and benefits on anyone other than you or your legal spouse or partner.

Member will receive:

  • $30 gift card every month. This card may be used by the member or gifted to anyone member chooses.
  • Happy Hour drink pricing on all drafts and cocktails all days all hours. This perk applies to Member and Member's spouse only.
  • Free bagged ice. no limit.  (bar supply takes priority, remainder up for grabs). Member, members spouse or immediate family member may request and pick up ice. No exceptions.
  • Half price swag. One item at half price per month. Member will conduct transaction with a member of Gilhooligan's  management team or on Members only website. (if the item comes in a set, the set will be considered one item.) Member must pay for this item, however may gift the item as desired. Half price items are considered sale items and therefore are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • Member may Purchase $10 gift cards for $7.50 (No limit) These cards must be purchased from the members only website. Monthly Gift Cards Cannot be Used to purchase discount gift cards. They may be picked up by member at Gilhooligan's or mailed to members home free of charge. Allow 48 hours after purchase for delivery/pickup.
  • Member will receive Members Only monthly email with Offers and discounts for Member and member spouse use only (unless otherwise specified on the offer).

As you can see this program is benefit heavy, meaning that it appears to be a much better deal for the consumer than for Gilhooligan's. But in reality it is a win win proposition. By charging a handful of people in advance, we create a situation where the business is cash rich at a time that it is normally cash poor. This allows the Bar to take advantage of cash discounts, bulk pricing and leveraged forecasting for the month ahead. So we are happy to offer our most loyal customers these price breaks as their participation in this program is allowing us the same luxury (lower operating and product costs). Do you see why the rules of membership are so strict? We need to be able to count on the consistency and dependability of our members to maintain our buying power and credibility. Equally obvious by now should be the overall importance of not divulging the details of this program blatantly or with reckless abandon. This program is not a secret, it's just not really talked about. 


Signing Up

When you are ready to get started, click the Subscribe button and complete the sign up process. you will be charged $24.95 for the current month (on the day you subscribe) and between the 2nd and 4th of each month thereafter until cancelled. Within 48 hours you will receive your first email welcoming you to the program, and explaining how your new membership works. You will be issued a membership card that identifies you as a Members Only member. When Visiting Gilhooligan's, open your tab with this card and you will be sure to get all the perks you are entitled to. Your Monthly gift card of $30 will be loaded on to your membership card each month (as a credit). You may choose to use it to pay for your purchases at Gilhooligan's, or you may choose to use it like a credit card on the Members Only website to  purchase physical gift cards, swag, or ?. You may not use it to Tip your server or get cash back. This is Gilhooligan's money and is only good at Gilhooligan's or the Members only website.  You may pick up your membership card at Gilhooligan's after you've received your welcome email, and a staff member will walk you through it's features and show you how to get the most out of your membership. You will receive an email at the beginning of each month informing you that your membership card has been loaded and is ready to use. This email may also contain Members only news, information, and additional offers. Due to the deep discounts of this program, we are only offering 200 memberships in all. Once all 200 hundred are spoken for we will start a waiting list and fill spots as they become available.  Once a membership has been canceled it can not be re-opened.   

    Membership terms are month to month. However you can cancel at any time for any reason.

Perks are delivered via email each month and are loaded onto members account. A membership card will be issued and must be presented at time of service to access discount codes and awards.

Please be aware, these perks and discounts do not include tip. Please tip your Server based on the actual retail value of the service you are provided, not the discounted amount you paid. It is the express goal of Gilhooligan's management to return  3X the value paid for this membership ($74.85) to the member on a monthly basis. In doing so, Gilhooligans Reserves the right to amend, or add  perks or benefits to ultimately reach this goal. 

Sign up

$24.95 /Month

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