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Monthly Subscriptions!

Do you spend more than $25 a month at Gilhooligans? If you do, you could save a bundle by subscribing to the Silver, Gold, or  Diamond  program detailed  below! but SHHHHH we'd go broke if everybody took us up on this offer!

VIP Customer

When you join our mailing list, you become a Gilhooligans VIP Customer! As a VIP you are entitled to  perks and privelages not available to the average Joe. Here is a list of the perks you receive:

-Monthly newsletter with discounts, offers and gift cards.

-Free Ice  (Limit one bag per person per day while supplies are available)

-Bonus coupons and promotions (delivered via email) for complimentary or discounted swag, event tickets, free add-ons, or upgrades, deals and gifts from partner businesses and more!  

VIP Gold Customers

A VIP Customer can upgrade their status to a VIP GOLD customer by subscribing to the VIP GOLD program. for your $25 monthly subscription fee, you receive a VIP Gold Member Card  that doubles as a Gift card. Here's what you get:

-Limited Edition (members only) sweatshirt at time of enrollment

-$30 Monthly Credit (Automatically Added to your Gold gift card on the 10th of each month)

-100 bonus reward points each month

-Free Bagged ice (whenever needed).

-Happy Hour Pricing. Sunday-Thursday  open - close.

-One free upgrade to a tall (cocktail) on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday

-VIP  Party room rates (50% off normal rates)

-$25 Birthday gift card.

 -1 Free entry into the Raffle of the Month

- Two for the price of one Christmas party or New Years Eve party Tickets

-1/2 price Swag on Aug 8, 8Pm (Gilhooligans Scholarship awards dinner).

-2% rewards in the form of gift cards each December for that years  


VIP Silver Customer

Do you want even more savings? upgrade one more time  to a ViP Silver Customer membership ($50/month membership fee) You'll trade your gold card in for a silver one that entitles you too:

-Limited Edition (members only) Gilhooligans Jacket at time of enrollment

-$65 monthly food and beverage credit (added to your silver gift card on the 5th of each month.

-200 bonus reward points every month 

-Free Bagged Ice (when available)

-Happy Hour pricing all day every day

-Unlimited Complimentary use of the VIP room complete with refreshments for up to 10 guests. Mon-Thurs. Half  price on Friday and Saturday. 

-complimentary "meet and greet" beverage package for you and up to 10 guests (to be used your birthday month).

-Complimentary Christmas Party or NYE Party tickets for you and a guest.

-Comlimetary dinner and drinks and 50% off swag on August 8, 8pm (Scholarship awards dinner)

Additional Subscription options

(requires 6 month or more subscription agreement)

25 gets you 30 - pay $25 Before the 5th of the month and receive $30 in store credit.

Monthly Briefs  (click link for details)

Bar swag- Pay $25 per month before the 5th and receive random bar swag every month, tins, signs, vendor merch, tap handles, coasters,specialty promotional gear, the list goes on and on and on! Cancel anytime. (11/15 available)

Business Pak- $50 per  month  (before the 5th) to receive $20 a week in  gift certificates (in any denomination you choose $5,$10, or $20 And 10 "happy Hour" gift cards  granting bearer happy hour prices for an entire visit. 

Scholarship Fund-  (click link for details)

Questions? Contact Aaron @ (503) 477-6484