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Gilhooligan's Scholarship Program awards up to 5 local High School Seniors a $500 scholarship to the College of their choice. Interested Seniors must submit an essay (min 200 words) on what it means to be part of a community. Essays must be received after Jan 1, but no later than July 15. Scholarship recipients will be announced Sept 1st. Scholarships not redeemed will be re-absorbed into the program after 6 months of award. Be sure to include Students Full Name, Parent or Gaurdian name, Address, High School and high school Counselor (or equivilent) contact info.

 Gilhooligans 2nd Chance Scholarship Program awards one $500 Scholarship each year. Eligible parties are between the ages of 21-40 who missed the opportunity for college in their youth and would like a second chance. Interested parties must submit an essay (min 200 words) on what a second chance would mean to them. All entries must be submitted after Feb 1 but before July 1. Scholarship recipients will be announced Sept 15. Be sure to include name, address, phone, email and the name of the college, trade school, or program you plan to attend. Un-redeemed scholarships wil be re-absorbed into the program after 9 months if not used.

* with this option you receive Over $30 each month in Gilhooligans Cash, Gift cards and other perks. In addition to automatic membership to EightDotEightyEight.com a website dedicated to reward people that contribute to the betterment of their community. On this site you can find amazing deals from local businesses all at a fraction of the price you are currently paying.

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$8.88 Per month*

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Gilhooligans Bar and Grill funds these Scholarships through restaurant sales and various fundraisers throughout the year. If you would like to add support to these programs please click one of the buttons below Or Visit our Facebook Scholarship Page for Special deals, Swag and goodies donated by local companies, vendors and supporters of our scholarship program. 

Gilhooligans Scholarship Program