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Are You ready to start establishing good credit and just need a second chance?

1999 Volvo 

$650 dn $75/mo (18)

1989 Honda Civic

$350 dn $75/mo (12)

Do you need a second chance to get ahead? Wrikens Auto Is built on second chances! Our philosophy is simple, Start small and build something Big!  Join our preffered customer program and We will start you off with an affordable, reliable vehicle with low monthly payments, once you pay it off you can turn around and upgrade to something a little bigger or nicer, pay that off and repeat! You'll be driving your dream car before you know it! Our Team of Auto Care Professionals are dedicated to keeping you and your vehicle safely and economically on the road while you are building for your future! join our Preffered Customer Program and  Let us take care of the Vehicle,  while you take care of building an unshakeable foundation for you and your family! You wont stress about taking your car in for a check up because maintenance is included! We will always work with you to keep you on track! Prevention is our secret weapon! . Join Wrikens Preffered Customer program today, let us show you how we can help you reach your goals.

2001 Dodge Durango

$350 dn $75/mo (12)

Tao Tao Electric Scooter

$250 dn $75/mo (10)

Wrikens Auto

Christopher Stewart