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Preffered Customer Program

Join Wrikens Preffered Customer Program and you will receive super star Auto Care treatment! 

-Free Auto Checkups!

-Reduced rate Auto Repairs and Maintenance

-In house Financing of major auto repairs allowing you to pay over time!

-Discounted tow services

-Auto Upgrade financing

-Preferental Auto Care Services

-Priority repair scheduling and more!

To add Prefferred Customer Status to your existing Vehicle Pay Just  $19.95 per month***.

 Purchase a Cdertified Used car from Wrikens Auto and pay only  $9.95/mo 

*Free auto checkups year round

*Roadside assistance (flat tire, out of gas, car trouble)

* 20% off normal shop rate for all repairs and maintenance

*Automatic financing on all Major Repairs we perform. You pay 50% of the estimate, we finance the other 50% over the next 6 months.

*Preferential and deeply Discounted tow services (when tow truck is available)

*Refer a friend, get 1 month free!

​*Free loaner car (on extended repairs)

*when its time to upgrade your vehicle, we'll will finance up to 70% of your new vehicle (after trade is applied). When Purchased from Wrikens Auto with PCP

*Preferential and Priority repair and maintenance Scheduling and Service (over non-members)

**Benefits of membership take effect 90 days after enrollment

**All financed Repairs/Vehicles/Repair work liened security to  Wrikens Auto until the final bill is paid in full.

***If you are adding a car not purchased through Wrikens, A Wrikens certified tech must approve the application in the first 90 days. This includes a vehicle inspection. if not approved all monies paid will be refunded.

**Non payment or returned monthly/service payment will result in lapse of coverage and may restart wait period.

Contact a Wrikens Auto Rep to get started today!

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with a car you bought from us!

$9.95 mo

Wrikens Auto

Sign up!

with your existing car! 

$19.95 mo